Walmart continues cruel cage policy in Mexico

Consumers stand up for abused hens
February 20, 2017

Despite continued pressure from The Humane League and concerned consumers, Walmart refuses to extend its commitment to phase out cages for laying hens to Mexico and Latin America. The company previously agreed to transition to cage-free eggs in the US, Canada and England, effectively creating a double standard for consumers and animals.

Over 100k people have signed a petition to Walmart urging them to extend the cage-free policy to Mexico. A Spanish-language version recently launched, and you can access and sign it here.

In addition to the new petition, The Humane League will be staging a protest at Walmart's Mexico City headquarters on March 3. Holding the protest on a business day will ensure more exposure with the company's employees and executives.

Help us continue to send a clear message to Walmart that it is unacceptable not to extend its cage-free policy to Mexico by visiting our Consumers Against Walmart website and taking the actions available online.