Monumental: Walmart has said 'no' to cages!

April 05, 2016

Thanks to your support and to the progress our network of activists has fought for over the last decade, we celebrate a major announcement today: Walmart, the world's largest company, has committed to ending cage confinement for the 35 million hens in its supply chain.

The Humane League approached Walmart at the beginning of 2016 with a firm request that the corporation remove battery cages from its supply chain. After leading successful campaigns against many large retailers and restaurants — including Kroger, the country's largest supermarket chain — The Humane League worked with Walmart's Food Sustainability department to establish a commitment to completely phase out cages by 2025. This is a decision supported and praised by many other animal protection groups.

Again, the path to this historic victory is only possible because of your continued support. Thank you for joining us in this urgent work to reduce the suffering of hens. Together we will end these cages and continue our march toward a better world for all animals.

For the animals,

David Coman-Hidy