Victory! Subway announces monumental chicken welfare policy

April 28, 2017

The world's largest fast-food franchise, Subway, has agreed to meaningful changes to its chicken welfare policies after a national initiative of The Humane League led by Philadelphia high school student Lia Hyman.

This effort was part of our larger 88% Campaign.

Just last week, Lia and others traveled to Subway headquarters in Milford, CT to deliver a petition with over 50 thousand signatures from concerned citizens asking for better treatment for chickens in the company's supply chain and stage a silent demonstration.

In addition, a billboard was launched on the main highway to Subway's headquarters directing the general public to the campaign website. Our grassroots team held dozens of protests across the country and hundreds of consumers and students also spoke out against Subway on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, asking the restaurant to address the violent abuse taking place in its supply chain.

Their efforts, and the voices and input of the thousands who called, emailed, wrote letters and protested, didn't go unanswered, as a new welfare policy was released today.

The new policy commits to sourcing chickens raised in alignment with requirements of the Global Animal Partnership (GAP). By 2024, all of Subway's chicken products will be aligned with GAP standards for higher welfare breeds, enhanced living environments (including lighting, litter and enrichment), increased activity levels and optimized stocking density, and an improved slaughter method.

Because of its size, and its role in the fast food industry, Subway's new policy is particularly important. It represents a continued high-water mark against which other companies will be measured. And, it provides a strong incentive and momentum for additional positive change for chickens.

Thank you for your support in helping us achieve this milestone victory!