July 25, 2016

Sodexo has committed to source 100% cage-free eggs worldwide by 2025, marking a historic, global commitment that will impact animals around the world. The group's decision follows one-on-one conversations with The Humane League and our newly formed global coalition of animal protection organizations worldwide, Open Wing Alliance. The new policy will affect Sodexo's liquid eggs as well as the 250 million shell eggs it sources worldwide each year.

In today's statement, Sodexo's leadership said: "Sodexo has committed to work with a selected number of specialized farm animal welfare NGOs, to source only cage free eggs worldwide by 2025. Sodexo and its NGO partners will work to define and implement an action plan to achieve this commitment respecting Sodexo's mission to contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of the cities, regions and countries where the company operates."

The leading global commitment will help eliminate cages from the egg industry, and will challenge other foodservice providers, restaurants, grocers and other companies to produce similar commitments over the next year. The Humane League worked with leadership at Sodexo's headquarters in the United States to secure a cage-free commitment in February of 2015 , and in the months following every major foodservice company nationwide followed suit. We anticipate that today's announcement is a historic tipping point, and will pave the way for every company to commit to globally eliminate cruel cages from the egg industry worldwide.

Sodexo is one of the world's leading quality of life services companies and also one of the world's largest multinational corporations with operations in 32,000 foodservice sites in 80 countries. Sodexo provides services to many sectors, including private corporations, government agencies, schools from elementary through university, hospitals and clinics, assisted-living facilities, military bases, and correctional facilities.

Considering their global presence, Sodexo's decision to source 100% cage-free eggs worldwide will set the standard for their industry and beyond. Similar to the group's cage-free commitment in the United States, this is truly a watershed moment marking the start of the worldwide elimination of cruel cages to reduce suffering for countless hens every day.