Victory! Following Aggressive 3-day Campaign, ALDI Joins the U.S. Cage Boycott!

March 10, 2016

Our work to banish the battery cage to the history books is continuing to see results. Only a week after Kroger committed to eliminate cages, ALDI, a leading grocery chain which operates nearly 1,500 US stores in 32 states, has followed suit by announcing its plan to source exclusively cage-free eggs by 2025. The new policy comes after an aggressive three-day campaign by The Humane League and its volunteers.

Our campaign began with Anami Nguyen, a THL volunteer who was once proud to shop with Aldi in Germany, where the company has already moved away from cruel cage farms. Now living in New York, Anami enlisted the support of The Humane League to petition on for Aldi to join its competitors and go 100% cage-free.

Combined with aggressive campaign efforts, the petition quickly grew to garner over 17,000 signatures of support in just three days. It's clear that resisting this incredible momentum and ignoring consumer interest would have left Aldi behind the rest of the food industry.

"Everyone can agree immobilizing birds in tiny cages is cruel," said Anami. "Thanks to Aldi for joining the movement of companies who listen to consumers concerned about factory farming."

We've seen sweeping change within the retail industry in 2016, and it is all because we work together. Aldi's commitment brings us even closer to a critical tipping point. With your continued support, we are creating a brighter future for hens.