UK’s biggest egg producer not so ‘Noble’

October 11, 2017

This week, we're launching our biggest campaign yet, against the UK's biggest egg producer.

Noble Foods produces over 60 million eggs a week. Sadly, 4.3 million of the hens on its farms are kept in cramped, crowded cages.

The company owns well-known brands such as The Happy Egg Co. and Big and Fresh. While The Happy Egg Co are free-range, Big and Fresh are eggs from caged hens.

Many of us no longer eat eggs; but the vast majority of the world still does. When consumers buy free-range eggs, they mainly do so because they want to avoid cruel farming practices.

However, when people buy eggs from the Happy Egg Co, they are unwittingly supporting the caging of millions of animals. This simply isn't right.

Noble Foods has a policy to go 70 percent cage-free by 2020. Since it is already very close to this target, and millions of hens remain caged, this is clearly not strong enough progress.

We're asking for Noble Foods to make a commitment to go 100 percent cage-free by 2025. If most of the UK's supermarkets and restaurants can do it, why can't the UK's leading egg company?

Cage systems are immensely cruel. In a cage, a hen can't express important natural behaviours. She can barely even stretch her wings. It's time for Noble Foods to live up to its stated company values and stop inflicting this suffering on hens.

We need your help with this campaign! Go to and find out how to take action to end this cruelty.