THL Granted $1 Million by Open Philanthropy Project

THL In First Wave Of Groups To Receive OPP Grant for Animal Welfare
February 25, 2016

The Open Philanthropy Project has announced that they will be granting The Humane League $1 million to support its campaigns for corporate cage-free egg reform. This grant will greatly accelerate our campaign to end the use of battery cages by expanding our campaigns staff and resources. We're excited to be partnering with the Open Philanthropy Project on this urgent work to reduce animal suffering.

Since its founding in 2005, The Humane League has applied a grassroots-focused and results-driven approach to ending the caging of hens in the egg industry worldwide. Named Top Charity by Animal Charity Evaluators 4 years in a row, 2015 saw The Humane League securing commitments to eliminate cages from the supply chains of major foodservice providers, restaurants, food manufacturers, hospitality leaders, and other major companies.

"We believe that corporate cage-free campaigns are a particularly effective method for reducing animal suffering, and that The Humane League has played an important role in the success of many of these campaigns in the past," notes the Open Philanthropy Project. "We think it is likely that the effectiveness of The Humane League's corporate campaign model will scale as it expands."

The Open Philanthropy Project is a collaboration between Good Ventures, a philanthropic foundation whose mission is to help humanity thrive, and GiveWell, a nonprofit that finds outstanding giving opportunities and publishes the full details of its analysis to help donors decide where to give. The Open Philanthropy Project identifies outstanding giving opportunities, makes grants, follows the results, and publishes its findings. Its mission is to give as effectively as it can and share the findings openly so that anyone can build on them.