The Open Wing Alliance achieved incredible progress for animals in 2017

And 2018 will be even better
December 29, 2017

When it comes to animal welfare, the world is changing and the Open Wing Alliance (OWA) is driving that change. OWA is a global coalition of animal protection organizations established in 2016 by The Humane League. In just under two years, OWA has made a significant mark on animal welfare policies all across the world and they're not about to slow down.


In 2017, OWA grew to represent 50 of the most effective animal protection groups across six continents carrying out the ambitious goal of eliminating battery cages from the planet. Through institutional corporate campaigns, they achieved global cage-free policies from huge companies like Campbell's, Nestle, General Mills, Kraft-Heinz, Wyndham Worldwide, and more. These policies will affect the lives of billions of hens who will no longer suffer in cruel cages.

These policies also signal huge changes in how people view animal welfare in many different countries. Thanks to OWA, the very first animal welfare policies ever were released in Portugal, Latvia and Turkey, sweeping changes were enacted throughout Italy, awareness efforts were launched in the Ukraine, precedent setting corporate outreach began in South Africa, and almost every major company in France ended support of cages. Dozens of policy commitments poured out of South America and cages were literally being ripped out of farms in Denmark.


The Open Wing Alliance has also driven tremendous change at the regional level. In the Spring of 2017, OWA awarded $84K in its first round of grants distributed to member organizations to support regional institutional campaign work. The Humane League staff have also worked closely with OWA member organizations to design and carry out regional campaign strategies to win cage-free commitments. These organizations, of course, deserve the central credit for these commitments, but the OWA is proud to have played an important role in instigating much of this work.

Spring 2017 grant recipients include Otwarte Klatki in Poland, Open Cages in Ukraine, Anima in Denmark, SAFCEI in South Africa, and Dzīvnieku Brīvība in Latvia.

In the fall, OWA awarded a second round of grants. This time, additional funding was given to support SAFCEI's groundbreaking corporate outreach in South Africa and a first-time grant was given to SAFE in New Zealand to assist in accelerating the momentum they have already built there. In 2018, Open Wing Alliance will award over $325,000 in grants to member groups.

Global Summits, Resource Development and Training

One of the most important parts of the Open Wing Alliance is the goal to provide the tools and training necessary for groups to carry out their own corporate campaigns without needing to start from scratch. In 2017, OWA traveled around the world to provide personalized training on corporate outreach and campaigning to partner groups in areas such as Latin America, South Africa, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe.

In addition to this, OWA developed comprehensive resource documents for groups, such as a Corporate Relations Starter Guide and a Campaigns Manual that outlines The Humane League's strategies and tactics. Also, a free webinar program was launched to provide a place where members can share their experiences and hear from experts in their respective fields about subjects relative to campaigning.

Finally, in February 2017, The Humane League hosted the inaugural Global Summit to End Cages for Open Wing Alliance members. 50 representatives from 17 member organizations and 22 countries came together to receive training, share experiences, and discuss tactics. Later in the year, another inaugural summit to end cages was held in Latin America.

The OWA is currently in the process of planning the 2018 global summit and expect attendance to double in size!

With all of the incredible accomplishments achieved this year, 2018 is sure to bring even more progress for animals throughout the world. To learn more, watch the Open Wing Alliance 2017 Year in Review: