The Humane League named 2017 Top Charity

Animal Charity Evaluators has found THL to be one of the most effective charities in the world
November 30, 2017

"We find THL to be an excellent giving opportunity because of their strong programs and evidence-driven outlook, and we are pleased to recommend donating to them."

---Animal Charity Evaluators

The Humane League is honored to have once again earned Top Charity status from Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE), an independent research organization that deeply analyzes the effectiveness and impact of non-profits working to improve the lives of animals. We are proud to be the only animal group to receive this distinction for every rating period. ACE's process is very exhaustive, taking almost six months of thorough review.

As part of its review, ACE specifically highlighted The Humane League's work on corporate campaigns, which has pressure many companies, like Subway and Starbucks, to commit to meaningful welfare policies for chickens raised for meat as part of our 88% campaign. ACE also focused on our movement-building accomplishments through Open Wing Alliance, a coalition headed by The Humane League that is building and strengthening farm animal advocacy around the world.

In their review, ACE states:

"THL's most significant advantage is not any single program, but rather their general approach to advocacy. Among animal advocacy organizations, THL makes exceptionally strong efforts to assess their own programs and to look for and test ways to improve them. Their success in their corporate campaigns, and the publication of their research through Humane League Labs (HLL), has shifted the outlook and programming of several other advocacy organizations toward finding the best ways to advocate for animals."

The Humane League is making a significant impact for animals and you can be a part of it! And because we are a top charity, you can rest assured that your donations will help even more animals. Donate today to continue this important work into the next year, and all the years that follow. Thank you!