SumOfUs joins the fight to end the abuse of chickens at McDonald’s

Progress for chickens!
January 15, 2019

A great step forward has been taken today for the chickens suffering in McDonald's supply chain.

McDonald's forces unthinkable misery and pain on billions of chickens. Bred to live fast and die young, life is not worth living for these sensitive and intelligent animals.

Today, global advocacy organisation SumOf Us has joined ranks with The Humane League UK to demand that McDonald's take urgent action on the issue.

SumOfUs joining the campaign will mean thousands more people will be exposed to the sad truth behind McDonald's Happy Meals, and encouraged to speak out for chickens by adding their name to the petition.

This is what Anna Liberadzki, a Campaigner at SumOfUs had to say about the campaign:
"As the world's biggest fast-food company, McDonald's wields enormous power to transform animal welfare standards for millions of livestock. At present, the company appears happy to lag behind other chains and put its chickens through hell, so long as it rakes in massive profits. Instead of airbrushing unhappy chickens out of their adverts, McDonalds would be far better investing to make their farms fit for the 21st century. It's not only their livestock but millions of customers who'd thank them for it."

Last year, SumofUs successfully campaigned for McDonald's to stop using plastic straws in their UK restaurants, in a bid to save seabirds and marine life and reduce ocean pollution.

As we write, SumOfUs' petition has over 19,000 signatures already, in just a few hours. And, it's not too late to add your voice! You can sign the petition and subscribe to their emails here.

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