High school senior leads national campaign; tells Subway to end animal abuse

April 21, 2017

On Thursday, April 20, student activist Lia Hyman got an excused absence from her school in Philadelphia and traveled to Milford, Connecticut. She carried a box containing over 50 thousand signatures from consumers around the country demanding that Subway introduce welfare standards for chickens in its supply chain.

Instead of hearing her out, the global fast-food company refused the teenager entry.

Determined and undeterred, Lia took up a protest sign outside the company's headquarters along with other activists and Humane League staff, to advocate for better treatment for chickens.

"I know this issue is not only important to me, but to many others also," explains Hyman. "Changes start when you ask for them."

To continue to call attention to the plight of chickens, and Subway's refusal to address these cruelty issues, The Humane League also placed a billboard on the highway leading to the company's headquarters. It includes a website people can visit for more information.

Want to help us continue to pressure Subway to improve conditions for chickens? You can send an email to the company's CEO.

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