Students Take Action Against McDonald's

September 20, 2018

The biggest campaign in the history of the animal rights movement is underway. As activists continue to put pressure on McDonald's to commit to meaningful animal welfare reforms, including the breed of birds raised for McDonald's and the environments in which they live their short, miserable lives. Chickens raised for McDonald's are genetically manipulated to grow so large so fast that they suffer immensely from debilitating injuries and organ failure in dark, overcrowded, and barren warehouses. McDonald's has the power to change this and dramatically improve the lives of close to 350 million chickens. Unfortunately, McDonald's has instead chosen to mislead its customers with hollow promises that lack meaningful and measurable changes.

The good news is that college students all across the country are joining in the fight by becoming part of the I'm Not Lovin' It campaign. In The Humane League's Campus Outreach program, there are students spanning the country, across 58 different colleges and universities, from UC Santa Cruz to American University These movement makers are organizing demonstrations at their local McDonald's and on campus, informing their fellow students of the type of cruel practices McDonald's supports, while expanding the reach of the campaign through leafleting and community events, magnifying the positive impact we're able to make for animals.

Our new site, showcases these students' inspiring work and helps others get involved. Not only is our Campus Outreach program training young activists to be leaders in the movement, it is also helping those students bring a powerful message of compassion to everyone on their campuses. More and more students are becoming activists, proving that the cruel treatment of chickens on McDonald's supplier farms is an outdated practice that has no place in our world. To see this amazing work, and to find out how to take part in it, visit our site.