Student Spotlight: Selena Rosario

April 13, 2018

Selena Rosario, an Early Childhood and Special Education major at the University of North Georgia, is one of The Humane League's passionate Campus Organizers. Through our Campus Outreach Program, Selena works with us to bring animal rights issues to her university. She helps other students get involved in our campaigns and is part of her school's vegan club.

Selena shared with us what motivates her to work so hard to bring change to the way the world treats animals, as well as what other students can do to get active on their own campus.

What inspired you to get active for animals?

Selena: Once I became vegan and researched more information about our current ethical crisis, I realized just how important it was to educate others about the facts. I firmly believe education is the key to progression. Everyone I have ever engaged in conversation with has agreed with me that they love animals. I became a passionate voice for the animals when I realized that I have the power to speak for the voiceless and help others make the connection between each individual that has died and their remaining "products".

What is your campus club's name and mission?

Selena: The club's name is Vegan Club - TEAM EARTH and our mission is to raise awareness of the numerous benefits of veganism to our community, both on and off campus.

What drew you to The Humane League's Campus Outreach Program?

Selena: I love the way The Humane League is extremely tactful in our approach in animal advocacy. We make moves that not only impact our communities, but impact big business as well. I'm proud to say I am part of such a powerful force in animal advocacy.

What has been your favorite aspect of your work as a Campus Organizer?

Selena: I have learned so much from working as a Campus Organizer, I love the people I work with, our compassionate cause, and the tools I am able to use in my daily interactions with others.

What tips would you offer other students looking to do more for animals?

Selena: I would suggest joining your local veg club and getting involved in animal advocacy groups on Facebook. There are so many beautiful people standing up for animals, so get connected, and remember you are not alone!

What are some ways you will continue to be active for animals after this year?

Selena: I will be active for the animals until every animal is free. I plan on continuing to volunteer at The Humane League events, protests, and presentations. I see myself teaching others about veganism, professionally, until the day I die.


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