​When We Work Together, Chickens Win

Groundswell of outrage leads to new policies at Starbucks
January 02, 2017

The Humane League issued a call for action, and tens of thousands answered.

As a result, on December 30, Starbucks issued new policies for chickens in their supply chain.

For those of you who were part of this far-reaching grassroots initiative to address the worst abuses chickens suffer—as one of over 43,000 people who signed our online petition, as someone who contacted Starbucks directly, if you were one of the countless supporters who shared our website and campaign video, or if you posted a photo of your boycott of the brand—thank you! We could not have created this change without you.

The Humane League launched our hard-hitting campaign when Starbucks failed to respond to our demands to create meaningful chicken welfare reform. Our activist and advocacy team mobilized to create an outpouring of public sentiment in support of better treatment for chickens. This helped pivot the company's position and resulted in this new policy, which addresses the way chickens are both raised and slaughtered. It means healthier chickens, an improved environment with more room to move and implementation of new slaughter methods that are considered less cruel. Clearly, advocates, activists, concerned citizens and consumers care about farmed animals, and they are willing to speak out. As a result, Starbucks responded in a significant way.

Starbucks is one of the most popular restaurant chains in the world, and this change impacts more than 13,000 US locations, and countless chickens.

Together we are a loud and meaningful voice for the billions of animals that suffer unimaginably on factory farms. This is an important step in our goal to end the suffering of all farmed animals, and an amazing victory.

Congratulations, and thank you again.