Shake Shack Commits to Ending Crates and Cages in its Supply Chain

December 21, 2015

After just three days of talks with The Humane League, Shake Shack has announced a commitment to completely end the caging of egg-laying hens in its supply chain. The move comes swiftly after Shake Shack heard the voices of countless compassionate advocates through social media and an online petition. While some items on Shake Shack's menu already include cage-free eggs, there are still a few items made with eggs from hens confined to cruel cages. To address the remaining menu items, Shake Shack will no longer support any farms that confine egg-laying hens to cages by the end of 2016.

Shake Shack is one of the fastest growing fast casual restaurant chains with 66 locations worldwide including New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Tokyo, Beirut, and London.

Aaron Ross, the Director of Campaigns at The Humane League (who met with Shake Shack at their New York headquarters), says, "Shake Shack's move to boycott cages and to develop a public animal welfare policy is further proof that advocates are changing the food industry. We spoke up and Shake Shack responded instantaneously. We are happy to add Shake Shack to the rapidly growing list of companies eliminating some of the worst farming practices."

Shake Shack is listening and expects to firmly announce its public sourcing commitment by mid-2016. This announcement will include details regarding its updated egg policy as well as its commitment to completely boycott gestation crates used on certain pig farms.