Progress for Tens of Millions of Chickens

Aramark, Compass Group produce unprecedented policies to address chicken abuse on factory farms
November 03, 2016

Following a groundbreaking campaign by The Humane League, foodservice giant Aramark announced today that it will create meaningful change for chickens in its supply chain by 2024. Earlier today, Compass Group announced a similar commitment after noting the sustained public pressure on Aramark, its primary competitor. Thanks to your support, Aramark and Compass Group are the first major food corporations in history to announce progressive policies with a public timeline to address these extreme abuses.

The foodservice companies' new policies address several welfare concerns, most notably the selective-breeding of chickens, which causes the birds to grow grotesquely large in an alarmingly short amount of time and results in crippling injuries, immense suffering, and sometimes death. Details of Aramark's policy include timelines to:

  • Transition to breeds of birds that measurably improve welfare issues associated with fast growth rates per Global Animal Partnership's (GAP) standards.
  • Reduce maximum stocking density to equal to/less than 6 lbs./sq. ft. per GAP standards.
  • Provide chickens with enriched environments including natural light, hay bales and perches that meet GAP standards.
  • Evaluate with animal welfare organizations over the next year issues related to litter quality, lighting, air quality, and other environmental conditions.
  • Render chickens unconscious prior to shackling using Controlled or Low Atmosphere Stunning.

In light of Aramark's new commitment, The Humane League has placed a moratorium on the hard-hitting campaign that we have been waging since September 27th. If Aramark's specifications related to genetics and environmental conditions are not up to par with The Humane League's minimum standards, the campaign will be reopened and escalated.

Launched only 5 weeks ago, The Humane League's effort against Aramark has been a relentless, national campaign involving thousands of supporters and advocates. Grassroots pressure, social and traditional media, student organizing and more have resulted in this, our largest victory yet.

Like with our cage-free victories against the foodservice industry last year, we look forward to building off of this momentum. Together, with your support, we will create meaningful change for billions of chickens around the world.