For hens in Latin America, strength in numbers

Six organizations agreed that they will join efforts to end battery cages in egg production
November 20, 2017

November 21st, La Paz BCS, Mexico. A group of six major animal welfare organizations gathered for a groundbreaking meeting to develop a united front and a common plan to free laying hens from cages in Mexico. Together, these organizations represent thousands of concerned citizens in Mexico and Latin America.

Organized by The Humane League, the first Open Wing Alliance Summit in Mexico took place in La Paz, in the state of Baja California Sur on the 19th and 20th of November, and it provided a unique opportunity for activists to share techniques, knowledge and best practices.

While progress to end battery cages for hens in Mexico and Latin America has been made, many large distributors are still supporting those who use cruel, outdated systems. Each participating group had previously applied pressure separately; the summit represents the opportunity to work cooperatively to make campaigns even more effective and to send a louder message about change.

"We are looking forward to working with our colleagues in other organizations to finally put an end to battery cages," says Ana Ortega, managing director of The Humane League in Mexico. "Together our voices are stronger than ever before, and industry will have no choice but to listen to the public outcry."