Open Wing Alliance has given away $405,000 in grants

April 10, 2018

Open Wing Alliance, a global coalition of animal protection groups, has awarded 13 of its member organisations, who represent 14 different countries, with $405,000 in grant money. The coalition has made incredible progress with its mission to end cages across the world. In 2017, they secured global cage-free policies from huge companies like Campbell's, Nestle, General Mills, Kraft Heinz, and more. Because of their work, countries like Lithuania, Latvia, and Turkey saw their first ever corporate animal welfare policies. This is just the tip of the iceberg on what OWA has already accomplished, and this grant money will ensure that this kind of progress continues at an even faster rate.

To decide how to distribute these funds, OWA evaluated a number of different criteria. The groups that were chosen are located in high impact areas, have a track record of success and good leadership, and a vision that includes a practical, measurable plan. The only thing they were missing were the resources to see their plans through. With the grant money now provided, it is only a matter of time until they're able to secure more cage-free victories.

The Organisations

  • OZ VEGÁNSKE HODY in Slovakia will use grant funding to hire a Campaign Manager and cover graphic design, web development, campaign materials, online ads and travel costs. This organisation has an impressive track record and reputation in Slovakia. OWA is confident in their ability to make impactful change through institutional corporate campaigns.
  • Nähtamatud Loomad in Estonia will use grant funding to hire a Corporate Relations Manager, conduct a public opinion survey, and cover research costs. This group began operating in Estonia in 2017 and has already done an impressive amount of work to raise awareness of the plight of farmed animals, which includes securing commitments from companies to improve their animal welfare policies. They'll be able to achieve even more with the help of an additional staff member.
  • Tusti Narvai in Lithuania will use grant funding to hire a Campaign Coordinator and cover part of the salary for their current Corporate Relations Manager. This group has successfully secured the first corporate commitments from several Lithuanian companies in a short amount of time. It's clear they are dedicated to eliminating cages, and OWA is excited to see what they will be able to achieve with an additional Campaigner on staff.
  • Animals International currently operates in several different countries and will use grant funding to expand to Romania. They'll also use the funds to hire a Corporate Relations Manager and cover campaign expenses. The experience, clout, and solid track record of Animals International makes their expansion to Romania extremely exciting. OWA is happy to support this expansion by providing funding for new staff who will focus on institutional corporate campaigns.
  • Oikeutta eläimille in Finland will use grant funding to cover research costs necessary for their corporate campaigns. This organization has experienced exciting growth, as well as having an impressive track record. OWA trusts their expertise in gathering the necessary information to effectively engage in corporate campaigns on behalf of laying hens in Finland.
  • Pan-Hellenic Animal Welfare Federation in Greece will use grant funding to hire a Corporate Relations Manager and cover web development, printing costs and travel. This coalition of groups in Greece will be the first to begin working on institutional corporate campaigns on behalf of laying hens in their country. OWA is impressed with their thorough plans and ambitious goals to begin phasing out battery cages in Greece.
  • Dzīvnieku brīvība in Latvia will use grant funding to extend the wages of their Campaign Managers and cover outdoor ad campaign materials. They managed to lay the foundation for institutional welfare reform in Latvia under a previous OWA grant, and have quickly gained momentum by securing commitments from multiple prominent companies in Latvia. OWA is confident that a second grant will enable them to continue their streak of victories for animals.
  • OBRAZ in Czechia will use grant funding to hire a Campaigner, contract a video editor, and cover the costs of online and offline ads as well as research. OWA is thrilled that this group with strong leadership, an impressive track record, and extremely thorough campaign plans decided to join the fight for laying hens through institutional corporate campaigns.
  • Udruga Pobjede in Croatia will use grant funding to hire two full-time Campaigners, one part-time Campaigner, and cover the costs of digital development, campaign materials and legal expenses. OWA is certain that this group with experience and clout in Croatia will be able to improve the lives of laying hens in the Balkan region with funding for programmatic expansion.
  • Otwarte Klatki in Ukraine and Belarus will use grant funding to extend the salary of a Campaigner in Ukraine for another year, run an outdoor ad campaign in Ukraine, and fund a full-time Campaigning position in Belarus. The OWA supported the work of Otwarte Klatki in Poland and Ukraine through grant funding last year, and due to the outstanding track record and strong leadership of this group, we are confident that this group will continue to effectively advocate for animals in Eastern Europe.
  • Global Action in the Interest of Animals (GAIA) in Belgium will use grant funding to cover general support for their cage-free campaigns. OWA is happy to support this experienced, dedicated organisation in their creative, effective campaigns to improve the lives of laying hens in Belgium.
  • Southern African Faith Communities' Environment Institute (SAFCEI) in South Africa will use grant funding to hire a full-time Corporate Outreach & Campaigns Coordinator to focus on institutional work against cages, and cover the cost of a laptop, ground transportation, digital design/printing, and core organisation expenses. SAFCEI began laying the foundation for this work last year under a previous OWA grant. We are happy to award a second grant to ensure the continuation of their institutional corporate work.
  • SAFE For Animals in New Zealand will use grant funding to hire a full-time Corporate Outreach & Campaigns Coordinator to focus on cage-free campaigns. SAFE is responsible for gathering cage-free pledges from every supermarket in New Zealand, and we are excited to support their efforts as they continue to utilize this momentum to eradicate cages from their country.

With these grants, all of these organisations are sure to bring incredible progress to the world by helping create a cage-free future. To learn more about the Open Wing Alliance, visit the website.