The Exciting Next Phase of Humane League Labs

New commitments, new leadership and a new research agenda!
June 15, 2016

Maximizing the impact of every dollar spent has been at the heart of The Humane League since our founding over ten years ago. A dogged focus on effectiveness and pragmatism defines who we are and how we function in our relentless work to reduce animal suffering.

That's why in 2013 we formed Humane League Labs, a pioneer in the AR movement, to carry out research and direct our work for greater impact. And that's why, today, we're taking this important initiative forward. We are very excited to announce the next phase of Humane League Labs. New and dedicated leadership. New commitments. New research priorities.

Dr. Harish Sethu, an academic researcher and longtime THL board member, will be leading Humane League Labs as its new Director. Dr. Sethu brings a wealth of experience to this volunteer position including a 25+ year history in research, having co-authored more than 70 peer-reviewed articles, and a long-held faculty position at a large private university where he teaches and conducts research in the areas of web security and data science.

Under Dr. Sethu's direction, we have formalized new commitments for Humane League Labs that will direct our priorities, policies and protocols for the research we conduct. We are committing ourselves to fielding important quantitative research based on animal-centric metrics with a statistically sound approach to data gathering and analysis. For the betterment of all animal activists, we are also committing ourselves to a policy of exceptional transparency as we will include the raw data and also the code used for analysis in our release of research study reports.

Our new research priorities will tackle some of the most important and testable approaches used in the farm animal advocacy movement. We will share our research through four categories of reporting, each increasing in their rigor of analysis:

  1. Blog posts to announce or informally explain our work
  2. Exploratory research reports aimed at generating hypotheses
  3. Confirmatory research reports which put pre-declared hypotheses to a rigorous test
  4. Advocacy recommendations which will be reports with the highest quality evidence

To bring the capacity to implement this important work we are expanding our dedicated team at Humane League Labs and are initiating a search for a Research Associate/Manager. We are looking for a creative, resourceful and self-motivated individual to plan, design, conduct, analyze and report on research experiments in farm animal advocacy. This is an exceptional opportunity to conduct substantive research alongside a dynamic and diverse team of committed activists. Please take a look at the details of this position and consider applying or sharing with anyone you know who may have the experience and passion we need in this important role.

We invite everyone dedicated to effectiveness in farm animal advocacy to join us. Follow our initiatives, participate in our research, support our work. Get involved with Humane League Labs and join us in guiding the path forward.