In Mexico’s capital, animals get constitutional consideration

January 30, 2017

Mexico City is poised to adopt a new constitution that includes language recognizing animals as sentient beings.

This means animals in Mexico City will have some degree of legal protection, and some minimum rights, when the constitution is adopted next month.

The language does not differentiate between companion animals, farmed animals and animals exploited for entertainment, paving the way for new legal arguments that will help us continue to advocate for change in Mexico.

The Humane League's team in Mexico was part of an amazing coalition of local and international organizations actively advocating for the inclusion of the sentient beings language. We were honored to be on hand when the wording was approved on Jan. 11.

We applaud Mexico City for taking steps to protect animals. As we continue to fight for better treatment of animals in Mexico and Latin America, we are excited to have another tool that we can leverage in our work to create meaningful change.