Our biggest campaign yet has launched.

April 02, 2018

Last week, with the launch of the I'm Not Lovin' It campaign, The Humane League took over Chicago and brought our message to McDonald's in the media, on the ground, and right in their own backyard. It started on Sunday with an article in the Chicago Tribune and an ad in the New York Times, signed by some of the biggest animal protection organizations in the world.

Following that, nearly 50 activists held a silent protest in front of a busy McDonald's location in downtown Chicago on Wednesday backed by two large billboard trucks. The trucks, depicting the truth McDonald's is trying to hide from consumers, flanked a dramatic 6-foot-tall unhappy meal art installation.

Even Ronald got involved, visiting restaurants around the city and providing information to staff and customers about the reality chickens in the McDonald's supply chain face. Bench ads infiltrated the city, strategically placed near McDonald's restaurants, reminding consumers that the company has a lot to hide.

And when the sun set, the campaign didn't end. Instead, projections on buildings in popular areas lit up Chicago with a message to consumers. The projections, like all of the activities in Chicago, were shining a light on McDonald's animal abuse.

This is just the beginning. In the coming weeks, protests will be happening across the country, thousands of activists will be participating in online actions against McDonald's, and consumers will continue to boycott the company until they take meaningful steps for animals.

You can be a part of this historic campaign. Visit ImNotLovinIt.com to learn more and take action.