In Mexico, companies are hearing our message

August 31, 2017

While other people may have spent their summer traveling for leisure, our Mexico corporate relations team has been traversing the country with a singular goal: To free laying hens from battery cages.

Since the end of June, corporate relations manager Jeni Haines and I have visited the headquarters of 25 companies in Mexico. We've made stops in Monterrey, Cancún, Mexico City, Querétaro, and Tampico, working to convince companies to stop supporting one of the most extreme forms of animal suffering on factory farms.

Our message to these companies is clear: Keeping laying hens in battery cages is cruel and outdated. We share the results of our public campaigns to demonstrate how consumers are demanding better treatment for farm animals.

For some companies, our visit is the beginning of a positive dialog that will lead to a public pledge to stop sourcing eggs from hens confined in battery cages. Others are closer to creating a policy, and one has already made a public statement.

When we walk into a company's headquarters, we're not always sure just how we will be received. To be honest, sometimes we're met with skepticism. However, we always focus on the mission to reduce the suffering of animals, and that energizes and empowers us to continue working for meaningful change.