Another week, another failure of the government to address climate change
October 15, 2018

Vivera Steak, sold at Tesco, with chips

When it comes to policies, the government seems perfectly happy to attempt to regulate people's intake of alcohol, cigarettes, and fizzy drinks. These are proven to damage health and put a strain on our NHS, so taxes and policies are put in place to encourage us to consume less of them.

Asking people to eat less meat, however, is clearly off the table. The government's minister for Energy and Clean Growth Claire Perry recently gave an interview in which she said it was not the government's role to advise people on what to eat.

Just before launching Green Great Britain Week, which starts today, she refused to even say whether she agreed with scientists' conclusions that we need to eat less meat. She said: "Who would I be to sit there advising people in the country coming home after a hard day of work to not have steak and chips?… Please…"

Not only is eating less meat good for your health, it's also the single best way to reduce your impact on climate change and the environment. This has been proved again and again. It might be an uncomfortable truth. But it's the truth.

As minister for Energy and Clean Growth, shying away from advocating a reduction in meat consumption to avoid upsetting people is a neglect of duty.

The good news is, we can all have our steak and eat it. There is an abundance of tasty plant-based alternatives popping up all over our supermarkets. It's never been easier to be vegan.

But Claire Perry still needs to realise this. Will you write to her to let her know her comments are misguided and inappropriate? The government should show leadership on this issue, not hide behind claims that eating meat is a 'personal choice.'

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