New Offices in New York and Chicago, New Leadership in San Francisco and South Florida
August 11, 2016

Local outreach is an important aspect of how The Humane League strives toward our mission of reducing animal suffering by inspiring change at all levels. We're excited to announce that we've recently launched offices in New York City and Chicago, the first and third largest cities in the U.S., and we have new leadership in two existing offices.

In New York City, Clare Farrow will be our Grassroots Director. A recent graduate of Elon University, Clare founded the Elon Animal Protection Alliance, and through it, organized successful pay-per-view events, food giveaways, movie screenings, and guest speaker talks. She's interned for five different animal organizations, including interning with The Humane League...twice!

Follow all the action in NYC on their Facebook page. You can also share this with family and friends in the area.

Heading up our Chicago office will be Clarké Snell. Clarké started with The Humane League as a Campus Coordinator at the University of Delaware, where she successfully campaigned to get a Meatless Monday program in the dining hall. She also ran the school's Veg Club which hosted a number of well-attended events and remains a highly-engaged group.

Find the Chicago office and events on their Facebook page and please help us spread the word about this important new office with family, friends, and anyone who's for the animals.

Building on this momentum, two thriving existing offices have new leadership. Our previous South Florida and San Francisco Grassroots Directors have been promoted into new positions within The Humane League, so we're thrilled to announce that we have new leaders in these cities.

Zoë Sigle is our new South Florida Grassroots Director. At Colorado University in Boulder, Zoë was the Executive Officer of Vegan Justice League, which organized well-attended film screenings, panel discussions, leafleting, and much more. She built this organization up to 60 active members.

You can find everything going on with this exciting office on Facebook.

Zoe Novic will be running our San Francisco office. In 2013, Zoe was an intern for The Humane League in Boston. She then managed an animal film festival and spent two years in Indonesia with the Peace Corps. While in Indonesia, Zoe initiated the Animal Care Project, an annual weekend training camp promoting humane education.

Follow the San Francisco office on Facebook.

This is an exciting time for The Humane League, and it wouldn't be possible without the support of our generous donors. Click here if you'd like to support this important work or invite others to join the cause.