Flying the flag for animals in the UK

What a difference a year makes
August 01, 2017

Just one year ago I couldn't have begun to imagine how far our work for animals would come here in the UK.

When I joined The Humane League in June 2016, the UK team consisted of one person—me. Since then we've been able to hire a whole crew of dedicated activists, bringing the team up to a current total of six.

In our first year of operating in the country, we successfully campaigned for over 50 of the top food service brands in the UK to produce policies to move away from practices of intensive confinement for farm animals.

Huge retailers such as Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl and Iceland committed to eliminate cages from their egg supply chains after pressure from The Humane League.

When we turned our attention to the restaurant and café sector, it wasn't long before big industry names—Pizza Hut, Bella Italia, Wagamama and more—also pledged to transition to only using cage-free eggs.

We're now working to convince major wholesale companies that supply the catering, healthcare, and education industries to follow suit and have already secured commitments from Booker, Bidfood and Brake.

Thanks to these commitments, millions of hens will be freed from cages.

It almost goes without saying that we owe so much of our strength to our amazing colleagues in the US, Mexico and Japan, and the growing network of passionate volunteers supporting us around the world.

The scale of the task at hand can't be ignored. Despite a fiercely protected reputation, the UK's animal welfare standards are not the best in the world. Farm animals here suffer immensely in massive numbers. A word of warning, however; we have big ambitions.

Please, join the movement to save farm animals from suffering. Follow our journey and help spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

This is our promise to animals in the UK and beyond: We won't give up.