​Victory! Dunkin' Donuts to Stop Caging 1.4 Million Hens

December 07, 2015

After months of dialogue with The Humane League and other animal protection groups, leading franchisor of quick service restaurants Dunkin' Brands has responded with a timeline for eliminating the cruel practice of restricting egg-laying hens to cages in its supply chains. By 2025, the company's more than 8,000 U.S. Dunkin' Donuts locations and more than 2,500 U.S. Baskin Robbins locations will no longer source eggs from hens forced to spend their shortened lives in cages. This change is expected to affect approximately 1.4 million animals in the US with Dunkin' Brands pledging to seek alternatives globally as well.

This commitment is especially groundbreaking because it affects Dunkin' Donuts's most popular menu items: the egg-focused breakfast dishes that have helped the chain to become the nation's seventh largest restaurant by annual food sales. Headquartered in Massachusetts, Dunkin' Donuts is the third largest U.S. restaurant chain by locations. McDonald's, the second largest U.S. restaurant chain by locations, has already committed to end its sourcing of eggs from hens confined to cages.

Earlier this year, the company initially committed to converting 10% of its eggs used in breakfast sandwiches to those produced by hens not confined to cruel cages by 2016, as well as eliminating gestation crates from its supply chain by 2022. After a few months of dialogue with THL's campaigns staff, Dunkin' Brands quickly updated its plan to be more comprehensive, avoiding a public campaign by our network of grassroots advocates that would draw negative attention to the cruel practice by which its eggs are produced.

Grupo Bimbo, Royal Caribbean, Dunkin' Donuts—our blog feed is saturated with news of companies making commitments that spare millions of animals suffering. With your help, we're leveraging this momentum to completely end the outdated practice.