Delivering Cruelty: Uber Eats x McDonald’s

August 16, 2018

Earlier this year, The Humane League launched its biggest campaign ever against one of the world's largest fast food giants—McDonald's. While many of the company's competitors have released meaningful animal welfare policies, the chickens in McDonald's supply chain suffer from unnatural growth due to selective breeding, ammonia burns from living within the toxicity of their own waste, and debilitating injuries from being crippled under the weight of their own over-sized bodies. As one of the largest companies in the world, a meaningful welfare policy from McDonald's could reform the entire industry, as well as change the lives of millions of chickens.

Still, McDonald's has refused to listen. That's why companies like Uber Eats must take a stand. As the exclusive delivery service for McDonald's, Uber Eats and McDonald's are major business partners for each other. In the past year alone, Uber Eats has delivered 10 million chicken nuggets for McDonald's—delivering cruelty with each and every order.

Despite knowing about McDonald's animal welfare and food safety issues, Uber Eats continues to promote McDonald's on the heels of several other scandals involving sexual harassment, gender inequality, and cultural insensitivity. Uber is claiming to be turning over a new leaf. If that is true, why is Uber Eats still turning a blind eye to animal abuse?

Please join The Humane League in calling on Uber to cancel McDelivery until McDonald's lives up to its promise to take animal welfare seriously. This partnership has no place in the portfolio of a company striving to recover from a string of scandals, while simply delivering good food. Sign our petition to make your voice heard in ending this widespread delivery of cruelty.