Darden protests target Capital Grille in Boston

Activists gather to demand better treatment for chickens
June 30, 2017

This past Sunday, just as the sun was setting on the first weekend of the summer, 18 activists gathered outside a Capital Grille in Boston to protest Darden, the restaurant's parent company, for its lack of a comprehensive animal welfare policy for chickens used for meat.

The silent protestors were met with very positive responses from the public including "thumbs-up" gestures, words of encouragement, thanks and appreciation for our cause and even interest from staff at The Capital Grille, who were unaware of the senseless cruelty and abuse supported by Darden. Additionally, the protest was live streamed on Facebook to an audience of more than a thousand viewers, and it continues to be shared across the internet.

The animal welfare policy The Humane League is encouraging Darden to publicly commit to is quickly becoming industry standard. The focus on Darden is part of The Humane League's larger
88% Campaign, which has seen companies such as Aramark, Starbucks, Shake Shack and Subway publicly committed to such a policy, so we ask: Why has Darden been dragging their feet on this issue?

Veteran activist Dory Henderson shared why she attended. "This protest was an important event, and I was thrilled to see so many people there promoting the 88% Campaign. Darden must adopt progressive welfare standards to end the needless pain, fear, and suffering of chickens. Every time the Humane League gathers to protest we are bringing awareness to this unacceptable animal cruelty. That's our goal. Animals deserve better."

Dory's disgust for Darden's neglect of responsibility was echoed by attendee Kate Avila who said, " This animal cruelty is wrong and needs to be stopped as soon as possible!"

Sunday evening's protest was part of a nationwide effort by The Humane League to educate the public about Darden's support of animal cruelty and aims to reduce the suffering of chickens raised for meat. The Humane League will continue to raise awareness about Darden's support of animal abuse with protests in Charlotte and New York City later this week. Please urge Darden and The Capital Grille to do the right thing by signing our petition and getting involved yourself by joining The Humane League, or donate to help us in our mission to reduce animal cruelty and suffering.