Cities Across the Country Take Action Against Darden

November 15, 2017

On November 9th, The Humane League organized hundreds of people across the US to take part in demonstrations against Darden Restaurants, which includes brands such as Olive Garden, Capital Grille, and Longhorn Steakhouse. While many of its competitors have agreed to commit to welfare policies for the way their chickens are sourced, Darden still refuses.

Outside an Olive Garden at Times Square, New York, restaurant-goers were offered the chance to use virtual reality to see the cruel way that Darden sources its chickens.

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Philadelphia, San Diego, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Boston, DC, and Chicago were among the other major cities where activists held protests and handed out leaflets at the doors of restaurants to let consumers know what they were really paying for when eating there.


People who weren't near protests took part by posting tweets, as well as Facebook and Instagram comments, sending e-mails, and making hundreds of calls and sending postcards to Darden to let them know that animals deserve better. A huge mobile billboard circled Darden's headquarters in Orlando, showing the truth about the way chickens suffer.

The welfare policies The Humane League wants Darden to commit to would allow for basic enrichments like more light and space, and the assurance that chickens are actually unconscious when killed. There's no reason for Darden to drag its feet on making these meaningful changes, but they should know that without a commitment to improve the lives of chickens, the company will face even more days of collective action just like this.

To see more of the actions taken, visit, and to learn more about our wider mission to improve the lives of chickens, check out the 88% Campaign.