Changing the world, one campus at a time!

May 18, 2016

Do you want to help bring one of the most effective animal organizations in the world to your campus? Consider applying to be a Campus Organizer in our expanding Campus Outreach Program and join the best team advocating for the humane treatment of farmed animals!

The Humane League's Campus Outreach Program trained students at 30 schools nationwide last semester, empowering them to educate the masses on plant-based lifestyles and factory farming. Our Campus Organizers have dedicated their time to enlightening and inspiring others to consider a plant-based lifestyle while encouraging meat reduction through leafletting, delivering presentations, developing veg clubs and much more. In The Humane League's new Campus Outreach video, students share that The Humane League has not only improved veg-friendly options on their campuses, but it has also pushed them out of their comfort zones to ultimately become better activists.

Campus Organizer positions are an excellent introduction to professional animal advocacy, and students in this position will gain significant insight into the animal protection movement. Organizers acquire experience in activism through a wide range of responsibilities, include gathering Meatless Monday pledges, distributing vegetarian starter guides, hosting on-campus community events, writing op-eds for the campus paper, and more.

We are actively recruiting and training the next generation of effective animal advocates on college campuses across the country! If you would like to join The Humane League as a Campus Organizer intern, please apply here. It is through the donations from our dedicated supporters that we are able to continue to grow this program, so please consider making a contribution today.