The First Mainstream U.S. Retailer Joins the Cage Boycott

BJ's Wholesale Club To Go 100% Cage-Free
February 09, 2016

In a partnership with The Humane League, BJ's Wholesale Club has become the first major American retailer (after Whole Foods Market) to announce a firm timeline to completely eliminate cages from its egg supply chain. The company has announced that it will transition its whole shell eggs to cage-free by 2022 and liquid eggs to cage-free by 2025.

With over 210 warehouses on the East coast and Ohio, and over $11 billion dollars in sales, BJ's is one of the top 20 largest food retailers in the country. Retailers such as Costco and Target have come out strongly against cages, but BJ's shows true leadership on the issue by publicly announcing a firm timeline to convert both shell and liquid eggs within their entire egg supply chain to cage-free.

Clearly, BJ's is paying attention to consumer demand on this issue. "BJ's and our Members are growing more concerned about where our food is coming from," said Rob Johnson, dairy buyer for BJ's Wholesale Club. "Transitioning to cage-free eggs will meet the demands of our Members... while also reducing animal suffering."

While virtually every major fast food and packaged food company has produced a timeline to phase out cages, retailers are just beginning to join the boycott of cruel, unsafe cage egg farms. "We applaud BJ's for being the first major, mainstream retailer to seriously address this critical animal welfare issue. It is time for other retailers to follow BJ's lead on this issue and produce timelines to eliminate cages." says David Coman-Hidy, Executive Director of The Humane League.

Currently, The Humane League is campaigning to see Kroger, the largest true grocery store in the country, end its support of cages. Please help us by visiting our campaign website and sending an email to their CEO. (