New Yorkers band together to boycott the new location due to the company’s refusal to eliminate the worst abuses in its chicken supply chain
January 26, 2018

(New York City, NY - January 26, 2018) – A national campaign against CKE Restaurants Holdings, the parent company of Hardee's and Carl's Jr, has launched to urge the company to adopt higher welfare standards for the chickens in its supply chain. Animal activists and concerned customers will hold a protest in New York City on January 31 at the grand opening of Carl's Jr.'s first Manhattan location near Penn Station. Protesters will be demonstrating during lunch hours, handing out buttons and literature explaining why New Yorkers are rallying against Carl's Jr and holding a banner directing consumers to Demonstrators will also participate in an evening protest with lighted protest signs that urge consumers to boycott Carl's Jr. The campaign is being led by The Humane League, an international farm animal protection nonprofit, and seeks to eliminate the practice of selectively breeding unnaturally fast-growing chicken, among other welfare policies, for the chickens in CKE's supply chain.


  • What: More than one dozen animal activists protesting Carl's Jr.'s support of animal abuse in New York
  • Who: Animal protection activists, The Humane League staff and volunteers, concerned customers
  • Where: Carl's Jr, 425 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001
  • When: Wednesday, January 31 from 10:30am-1pm and 6pm-8pm
  • Visuals: Protesters sporting large posters featuring imagery of fast-growth chickens, leafleting to restaurant customers as they enter the building, social media actions broadcast to hundreds of thousands of followers, and more

The campaign asks Hardee's and Carl's Jr.'s parent company to adopt a number of basic welfare policies (detailed in this guide) that would dramatically reduce suffering throughout its supply chain's chickens' entire life cycles. These policies are part of The Humane League's 88% Campaign, which has already secured commitments from the world's largest restaurant chains and food service providers.

Wednesday's demonstration will feature more than one dozen participants and signs, leaflets with information about Carl's Jr.'s chicken supply chain, social media calls to action on various platforms, and more. The demonstration is supported and backed by the petition signatures of more than 60,000 consumers across the nation who are urging CKE to address the violent abuse taking place in its supply chain. Social media actions in the coming weeks will be fueled by The Humane League staff and Fast Action Network, an online platform curated by The Humane League that includes over 4,200 advocates.

CKE, headquartered in Franklin, TN, owns and operates over 3,800 Hardee's and Carl's Jr. locations in 44 states. The proposed policies would affect all chicken menu items at the chains. CKE recently released a press release noting its rebranded image, moving away from flashy bikinis and burgers and instead opting to focus on the comprehensive story about things the restaurants do to make "better food than anyone else in [their] space."

"Considering the recent rebranding of Hardee's and Carl's Jr., we hope that its leadership will take their previous statements seriously and commit to eliminating the worst practices in chicken factory farming from its supply chain," said Taylor Ford, Director of Campaigns at The Humane League. "Customers nationwide are voicing their concerns about CKE's support of animal abuse, and today's demonstration aims to urge the company to listen to its consumers and take action on this issue.

Competitors of Hardee's and Carl's Jr., including Burger King, Subway, Sonic Drive-In, Shake Shack, and Starbucks, in addition to the five largest food service companies in the U.S., have already taken a stance and released policies that address the worst cruelties in chicken factory farming. However, CKE refuses to produce a policy that compares to its competitors' commitments to improve conditions in their supply chains. The new set of policies addressed in this campaign represent the only protections afforded to these chickens in the United States; there are presently no federal laws to protect these animals.


About The Humane League

Since its founding in 2005, The Humane League has applied a grassroots-focused and results-driven approach to ending the caging of hens in the egg industry worldwide. One of the leading national farmed animal protection nonprofits, The Humane League recently secured the first welfare policies for chickens raised for meat, following a groundbreaking campaign against Aramark and Compass Group. Together, these policies will affect approximately 100 million animals. The Humane League has also secured commitments to eliminate cages for laying hens from the supply chains of major foodservice providers, restaurants, food manufacturers, hospitality leaders, and other major companies, including global commitments from Compass, Sodexo, Aldi Nord, PepsiCo, Grupo Bimbo, Unilever, Carnival Cruises, and Starwood Hotels. The Humane League is also responsible for United Egg Producers' commitment to eliminate the culling of male chicks in the United States, a decision that will prevent the suffering of 260 million chicks and 960,000 hens each year.

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