88% Campaign Focus

More companies commit to change
September 18, 2017

Four food service companies have recently signed on to make changes for chickens in their supply chains to align with the demands of The Humane League's 88% Campaign.

The latest companies to make a welfare commitment include Cafe Services, MMI Dining Services, American Food and Vending and HHS Culinary & Nutrition Solutions.

With these new commitments, almost 50 percent of food service companies in the US have committed to moving toward improved conditions for chickens. Industry giant Aramark was the first to make a public statement about chicken welfare, and others have been feeling the pressure to follow suit since that groundbreaking announcement in November 2016.

Through the 88% Campaign, The Humane League is working to change the lives of billions of farm animals. These most recent policy announcements demonstrate that companies are heeding our demands and listening to the voices of concerned activists and consumers.