7 reasons not to franchise with McDonald’s

Animal cruelty is bad for business
November 22, 2018

Did you know that McDonald's is one of the most prolific franchising companies in the country?

McDonald's approximately 1100 franchise branches make up over three-quarters of all outlets, so franchising with them could certainly seem like an attractive offer on the surface.

But here's why you might want to reconsider.

Chickens are suffering en masse

McDonald's uses breeds of chicken which have been bred to grow at an extreme pace, often crippling them under their own bodies. This causes a long list of other health and welfare problems too. The Better Chicken Commitment (BCC) has been endorsed by leading animal welfare experts as a realistic and meaningful criteria which eliminates the worst causes of suffering, but McDonald's refuses to commit.

Animal cruelty is bad for business

Even if animal welfare is not a primary concern for you, the issue is of rising importance in the world of business. Increasing numbers of consumers are choosing where their money goes more carefully, and a key focus is animal welfare. A 2016 survey of Europeans revealed that 94% think protecting the welfare of farm animals is important.

McDonald's investors are not happy

In August this year, leading McDonald's investors wrote to the company's leadership urging them to take action on the issue of chicken welfare. When investors see the need to take such a step, it isn't a good sign.

It uses misleading advertising and diversion tactics

McDonald's ads are formulated to reassure viewers about the supposed 'quality' of their products. In one recent ad, we see pop-holes being opened in the morning to release chickens into the field, and there are shots of the chickens roaming and looking healthy. This is far from the reality of how meat chickens are reared in McDonald's supply chain. Most people simply don't know the difference between egg-laying hens and meat chickens, and this is a convenient fact McDonald's are keen to exploit.

They're only willing to improve animal welfare where it affects them the least

McDonald's uses free-range eggs and organic milk. But the chickens used for McNuggets and other items — who are far more numerous — are crammed into sheds and born into bodies which are bred to suffer. There is a real gap in McDonald's animal welfare policies which is causing immense suffering. Why don't meat chickens deserve better welfare?

It's a broken record

McDonald's has been spouting out the same old stock response to their customers over and over again, not caring to engage in an actual conversation about the issue.

They don't even care to resolve this issue for their franchisees

McDonald's knows that the way out of this mess is by committing to the BCC. But it's prepared to take the easy way out, carefully concocting diversions to make it seem like action is being taken. They are willing to sacrifice not just animal welfare, but the financial security of their franchisees.

So don't buy into animal cruelty: even current McDonald's investors agree it's not a good investment. Find out more and email McDonald's leadership here.